The Bucket

The Bucket ( is an online magazine that helps people lead more fulfilling lives by acknowledging — even embracing their own mortality.

Equal parts philosophy and utility, The Bucket provides readers with a new perspective on life. And then delivers the content, tools and resources to act on that perspective in order to get the most out of the remaining years they have left. The Bucket offers:

· All original content

· Perspectives from prominent authors, journalists and celebrities

· Reader forums

· Resources and tools

· Member benefits with partners

While The Bucket covers all kinds of aging and end-of-life topics, that is not our primary focus. Instead, we take on the taboo of death and use mortality as a leverage point for helping people live happier lives. One of the ways we do this is with our signature concept of everyone having a “Bucket Age.” Your Bucket Age is the number of years, statistically, you have left to live. We believe that counting your age down, instead of up, can create an epiphany — a catalyst to make changes that one might otherwise put off or ignore altogether.

Targeted at Boomers, The Bucket aims to provoke awareness of the preciousness of life and get people to make choices that may leave them with fewer, if any, death-bed regrets. Quit that job. Move to Maine. Get out of that marriage. Buy that boat. Our tagline, Live Fully. Die Well, is a call to action we hope will inspire people to make every day count.

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