Spaulding Hospital Cambridge

Spaulding Hospital Cambridge is a 189-bed long term acute care hospital in Cambridge, MA. Many of our patients are chronically critically ill and require a comprehensive approach to managing treatment decisions.

To address this need, we convened our "Goals of Care Committee".

  • The Goals of Care Committee provides education and training to clinical staff on the Partners Serious Illness Conversation, MOLST discussions and Health Care Proxy decisions and form completion. The committee members are also available to staff, both formally and informally, to review individual cases involving difficult decision making processes related to goals of care.
  • The Goals of Care Committee members help patients assess and achieve, when possible, the quality of life they are hoping for. We do this through careful, practiced, repeated conversations that explore and respect the patients' wishes.

Vision: It is our vision to be recognized as leaders in the provision of exceptional interdisciplinary end of life care for our medically complex patients and those who care for them.

Mission: To identify opportunities to provide education, advocacy and optimal supportive care to patients with life limiting illnesses and those who care for them.

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