Sirona Health Advocates

The mission of Sirona Health Advocates is to help people struggling with complex or unexpected medical diagnoses better manage their care and empower them to ensure the care they receive reflects their overall goals and values. We do this by working very closely with our clients, believing that everyone has a right to fully understand their health status and to direct the care they receive.

Our process is simple and designed to adapt to each client’s unique set of circumstances.

  • We meet with clients initially to conduct an in-depth evaluation of their overall healthcare concerns, needs and goals.
  • We then create a plan that takes into account the desired support combined with all related action steps.

Possible action steps might include:

  • Accompanying patients to clinician appointments
  • Visiting them during hospital stays
  • Explaining unclear diagnoses and treatment options
  • Researching new/alternative treatments
  • Finding and bringing patients together with top specialists and medical centers
  • Addressing end of life issues, advanced care planning and elder care support.

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