Lowell General Hospital

Lowell General Hospital’s Palliative Care program provides early access to serious illness care across multiple settings. Patients are empowered to be active members of their own care team and are actively engaged in all discussions related to their care and treatment plans. The Palliative Care team is a vital part of the multi-disciplinary care team, working with the patients and their families to ensure they understand their treatment options and how the patients will be able to best live while facing their health-related challenges.

The Palliative Care team at Lowell General Hospital provides:

  • Inpatient and outpatient consulting services in order to best meet our patients’ needs wherever they may be located. Outpatient consults are available at the hospital’s onsite Palliative Care clinic, at the hospital’s Cancer Center, or at select local long-term care/rehab facilities.
  • Training and support to the majority of providers in the Greater Lowell area on key issues related to palliative care within the community, including promoting dialogue and education about issues related to the care of the seriously ill.
  • Provides training for over 100 area clinicians on Ariadne Lab’s Serious Illness Conversation Guide. All members of the hospital’s Palliative Care team are trained as master trainers.

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