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The Conversation Project (TCP) is a public engagement initiative of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), a not-for-profit organization that is a leader in health and health care improvement worldwide. TCP’s goal is both simple and transformative: to have every person’s wishes for end-of-life care expressed and respected. Too many people die in a manner they would not choose, and too many of their loved ones are left feeling bereaved, guilty, and uncertain. The Conversation Project believes that “having the conversation” will make it easier for all of us to support our loved ones and each other when the time comes. To achieve this aim, TCP has a three-piece approach:

  1. To build the general public’s awareness about the importance of having these conversations. Through the use of traditional and social media we inform the public of latest news, research, stories and events related to TCP’s mission.
  2. To make tools available for people who want to have the conversation. Our website hosts an array of kits, guides, and many more resources to help people have the conversation and lead the TCP initiative in their communities.
  3. To reach people where they live, work, and pray. We collaborate with grassroots community organizations, employers, faith communities and a variety of other institutions to spread TCP’s initiative.

In addition to being directly involved in the Coalition’s leadership, IHI/TCP will also:

  • Offer sessions to all IHI staff on the Coalition’s goals and how to use The Conversation Project toolkits to work with their friends and loved ones;
  • Include several sessions at the IHI Forums and Summits focused on sharing the goals and tools widely; and
  • Partner with the Coalition to share IHI’s online course on end-of-life care. This course is offered free to both students and clinicians.

ABC News featured a story about TCP’s role in shifting the American culture’s engagement with end-of-life conversations.

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