Eden Home Health Care, LLC

EDEN’s mission is to provide an unsurpassed level of health care to promote independence and enhance quality of life for patients in their home and in the community. We encourage patient independence and promote active patient participation in care, through treatment approach and lifestyle changes. EDEN has a forward-thinking, dedicated and compassionate team of professionals.

E - Expect us to make a positive difference in lives regardless of race, color, creed and national origin

D - Dedicated to providing comprehensive health care, while promoting patient dignity and respect

E - Ethical in practice to patients, payors, regulators, referral sources, staff and physicians

N - Nurture collaboration with partners

EDEN is committed to assuring that our patients have implemented, amended or are thoroughly educated on the use and importance of advance care planning. This begins during the initial phase, the start of care visit, and is reinforced throughout care with Eden.

EDEN clinicians are trained to initiate conversations about advance directives and end of life wishes with use of standardized tools from National Institute on Aging. The Clinician’s Handbook for Talking with Your Older Patient provides dialogue guidance when having difficult conversations with patients and their loved ones. It also provides resources for the clinician to view or to offer patients. The NIH book End of Life Helping with Comfort and Care is also utilized to promote comfort in addressing the needs of our patients and their loved ones.

EDEN has networked and worked with palliative and end of life care providers. EDEN recommends high quality providers, should a patient need warrant a varied level of care.

EDEN patients are encouraged to complete a MOLST, a file of life or advance directives via My Five Wishes booklet. EDEN clinical management team audits records for the presence of advance directives, and education provided to patients upon start of care and ongoing reeducation on advance directives.

Lastly, EDEN’s Quality Assurance Performance Improvement Committee monitors for advance care planning compliance. Any scenarios or patients which present a potential ethical concern is reviewed. This process supports our clinicians in caring for our patients. This also provides an opportunity for patients to have their patient rights respected, promoting dignity and quality of life, whether in chronic sickness or in relatively good health.

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