Boston Senior Home Care

Boston Senior Home Care's Advanced Care Planning initiative is to ensure Chinese elders residing in the Boston community have an opportunity to articulate quality of life wishes in a culturally sensitive manner.

  • The design of the program engages consumers in their home environment with trusting relationships in place that include: Case manager, social worker, and nursing staff of Asian descent who are trained to provide an advance care planning communication game that engage Chinese elders and their families in end of life conversations.
  • The leadership of Boston Senior Home Care has been involved since the program's inception and continues to support the Agency's aims to empower older adults to have end of life conversations. The organization is committed to expending the program throughout Massachusetts.
  • Boston Senior Home Care has partnered with the Chinese American Coalition for Compassionate Care in California to be the first in New England to implement their Heart to Heart Cafe which is specifically designed to promote culturally sensitive end of life conversations.

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