Lundberg Health Advocates

Lundberg Health Advocates aims to empower patients to navigate the medical world with confidence, bringing them control, clarity and greater satisfaction with their health care. Our vision is to connect patients with serious illnesses to the information they need to make informed medical decisions and to decrease the uncertainty of the medical system.

As physician-advocates we:

  • Research and explain diagnoses and treatment options, including clinical trials and new treatments
  • Ensure that the medical team, family and caregivers are informed and working together effectively
  • Facilitate the second opinion process by locating top specialists and medical centers that align with patients’ needs
  • Help with understanding medical leave benefits, ADA accommodations, and medical billing and insurance issues
  • Address end of life issues and advance care planning
  • Meet our clients where they are—in the hospital, in the community, at the doctor’s office

Staffed by a team of physician advocates, we feel that our experience on both sides of the exam table informs every aspect of our program, adding humanity, empathy, and deep knowledge of the medical process.

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