Massachusetts Healthcare Decisions Month

This year marks the 10th anniversary of National Healthcare Decisions Day. In recognition of this milestone and in support of increasing awareness of the value of advance care planning, the Massachusetts Coalition for Serious Illness Care and its more than 70 member organizations are working together to bring an expanded, month-long version of this effort to Massachusetts. This program is vital, since only a little more than half of Massachusetts residents have had a conversation with loved ones about their wishes for serious illness care.

Dubbed Massachusetts Healthcare Decisions Month, the initiative is supported by a month-long communications and outreach campaign that launches April 3 and culminates with the second annual Massachusetts Coalition for Serious Illness Care summit – scheduled for May 9, 2017 at the John F. Kennedy Library. (Click here to register to attend the summit.) 

Project Goals

Our goal is to encourage Massachusetts residents to have advance care planning conversations with their loved ones and their doctors, and to name health care proxies. As always, we remain committed to working together to ensure that everyone in Massachusetts receives care that honors their goals, values, and preferences at all stages of life and care. 

Write Your Script

To support the April awareness effort, we have developed a comprehensive social/shareable campaign to reach our core target audience: patients and their loved ones. The campaign focuses on the theme: “Write Your Script, and set the stage for health care that honors your wishes.” #WriteYourScript hinges on the notion that we are all stars of our own movie. Like all great scripts, our lives involve rich, nuanced narratives—and we deserve a satisfying outcome, however we define it. 

Through #WriteYourScript digital experience, people have the opportunity to participate in an interactive experience that serves ice-breaker for engaging in more formal advance care planning discussions. The goal is to direct care so that it aligns with the wishes of patients. The campaign will officially launch on April 3, 2017. There are also a variety of supporting communications materials now available. These can be adapted and used by Coalition members. Contact us for more information. 

Join Us – And Share Your Story

We look forward to hearing your stories and to sharing ideas with you about how you can help promote advance care planning conversations across the Commonwealth throughout April – and indeed, all year long.